Starting her modelling career while studying at university, Donna has become a household name in the Glamour world—but she’s maintained her individuality, creativity and unique style. She’s a petite 5 feet 3 inches and is known for her curvaceous, all natural body, which emulates femininity and beauty. But it’s those large brown seductive eyes that have men across the world weak at the knees.

Her defining features come from her mixed heritage, and she certainly picked up the best of both worlds; with her slender face, luscious plump lips, slim body and the all important 28G natural breasts. But not only has this girl got the looks of a James Bond seductress, she’s also kind, warm and gentle and loves nothing more than to please her discerning interactive friends.

A keen traveller which stemmed from her living in a variety of countries growing up, Donna loves nothing more then to go and experience new places, new cultures or just take advantage of beautiful places to rest and relax, join her as she travels around getting up to no good and showing you the photographic evidence!